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Would you like to improve your flexibility ?

Would you like to forget about this constant back pain ?

Would you like to stand on your own head ?

Or..just to feel better ?

Sing up for your weekly classes at the Art Gallery in Amsterdam. Comfortable and cosy environment with small groups for more personal benefits and experience. 

What can you expect from the class ?

  • Work towards bulletproof body ( Back pain relief )

  • Improvement of strength, balance and flexibility

  • Stress management ( More relaxation )

  • Improvement of the energy and wellbeing 

  • Work and guidance towards deeper and calmer breath

The training is suitable for every level of experience

Check our Corona Measurements for more information and restricted rules you have to know before coming for a first time.



Yoga begins to work with outer aspects of the personality, as well as the physical body - which for most of us is a usually familiar starting point. When we experienced any imbalance within ourselves, the organs, muscles and nerves no longer function in the right harmony. For instance,  the endocrine system might become so irregular and the efficiently of the nervous system decrease to such an extend that the disease will manifest. Yoga can protect the body and it is known from possibilities to prevent physical and mental illness. The asanas which we are going to learn together, bring the calmness which comes with quiet, deep, consistent breathing and the expansion of the lungs.  


Did you know that the maximum amount of air your lungs can hold—your total lung capacity—about 6 litters?

Each breath contains around 500-600 ml of air for an average, not smoking person