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Emotional Intelligence Leadership

Increase your intellectual and career potential by increasing your EQ

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"The most powerful person sets the tone of the (emotional) interaction" What you will learn: The base: lead yourself so you can lead others Day 1: Recognizing emotions when and even before they arise. Day 2: Managing your emotions and energy, choosing how to respond. Day 3: Self motivation, managing stress and energy level. Day 4: Using emotional intelligence consciously as decision making skill. Emotional intelligence to improve your decision making process, choosing your state, creating self confidence, feel more connected, focussed, flow and personal performance. After this Base Level course we advice to follow Next level: Inspiring Leadership Next Level: Inspiring Leadership: 1. Increasing empathy and relationship management 2. Inspiring others, influencing the state and behavior of others 3. Improving decisions by choosing, pacing and driving states in teams 4. Preventing conflicts, conflict management and conflict resolution Emotional intelligence to improve your decision making process in connection with others and your team, influencing the state and ambiance, creating confidence and team-spirit, more connection, focus, flow and better team performance.

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  • Rijnstraat 232, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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