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Full body relaxation for those who prefer to lay down

It is challenging for most of us to fully let go and get rid of all tension.

What if...there is someone to guide us through? 


Relaxation is a form of meditation but with a slight difference. Whereas meditation is commonly recognised at any comfortable sitting position, relaxation brings you more to the floor. By changing the position from sitting to lying - we are able to relax the body faster and achieve positive results straight away. This practice allows you to fully scan your whole body and bring awareness to your mind.

What can you benefit from Relaxation? 

  • Improved Sleep Quality (Reduce Insomnia)

  • Stress Reduction

  • Management of Chronic Pain

  • Thoughts Detachment 

  • Improved Well-Being



If you are just starting out with meditation, this class is the perfect preparation for your further practice.