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how Meditation influences your future positively

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Each day external factors can have a big impact on how we see ourselves, our self-identity and how we see and experience and ‘rate’ our situation and the world around us. We think of ourselves as rational beings but 90 0- 95% % of the time most of us are governed by our unconscious brain. That part of the brain judges and ‘rates’ everything we experience by using past experiences and the emotions, small or big, connected to those experiences and is our 'automatic pilot'. We are therefore most of the time unconsciously moved by our past experiences. And we use these experiences – again, unconsciously – to predict, create and rate our future. We kind of skip the present, taking it for granted.

Most of us are more absorbed with our past and possible future, with no space left for the presence. While, if you think of it, there is no time like the present, literally. Only the present exist.

The past is gone time, time and experience passed away. It will only stay with you and influence your now and future if you hold on, are attached, to those experiences unconsciously or consciously. Your brain is simple: you wire what you fire. Whatever feelings, emotions, thoughts you give attention, will grow. So why would you, if they are not helpful?

The future is not existing yet, it is experiences to be in time to come. The beauty of it, if you do not hold on to past time experiences, the future is the ‘Tabula Rasa’: you may imagine, invent, create, manifest whatever you want. Unconsciously òr – preferably - consciously.

The Now

The now is the most interesting part of life, because only the now exist. You might think about your dinner tonight but hey your house could be struck by a Tornado before dinner or while walking to the restaurant a car could hit you …. But you don’t have to worry! You don’t know what is going to happen! There is only now. And in the now, we can find peace of mind.

When we have peace of mind, we finally let our mind and body tap in the wonder of creation and listen to what is going on inside. The secret is simple: you just observe whatever comes up in the now, without getting attached to it, without deepening the experience and you park any judgement.

Yet there is a kind of paradox: in the now, we do influence our future - and even our past.

Creating your future

Unconsciously your past time experiences and unconscious feelings, emotions and thoughts are at work, creating probably a future you are familiar with, but which you might not like anymore.

Consciously you can choose why, how and what your favorite future – within your circle of influence – might bring: like singing a certain song of hope. Yet your unconscious may have another song in mind ... and because your conscious mind is only creating 10-5% of the time and your unconscious mind is your automatic pilot the other 90-95% of the time, you might want to start to pay attention which song your unconscious is playing!

The thing is: to really become conscious creator and manifestor it is helpful to identify the unconscious programs with connecting feelings, emotions and thoughts. Yes, you can also choose not to identify those unconscious programs. Yet you then have to be very disciplined and make sure you experience your new self chosen program, thoughts and feelings every day several times a day: in that case, you engrave this new program just like kids learn their automatic programs.

If you could identify your values and believes and programs that have been wired in your system, you also can let go of them. For this, Meditation is a great. The secret is simple: you just observe whatever comes up in the now, without getting attached to it, without deepening the experience and you park any judgement. Just observe what old programs you are experiencing, what old song your system is singing, in wonder and letting them go - like clouds passing by in the sky; by doing so you are slowly slowly letting go the imprinted experiencing and coupled thoughts and emotions, literally making mind space.

Only then you can consciously direct change, transformation and choose why, how and what your favorite future – within your circle of influence – might bring. Consciously you can chose which new songs, new programs you want to install.


Every action has consequence.... even reading this blog. Now you are reading this, there is probably a lot of stuff happening in your mind. Flow of different thoughts, upcoming emotions, regarding this text and/or your daily schedule, deadlines or even wonder about this whole EQuanimity thing. Everybody who reads this blog will have a different experience, depending on how their brain is wired.

Imagine: Just wondering as an observer why there is so much activity in your system about the past or possible future and deciding not to follow these feelings and thoughts; to stay in the wonder-experience will start to create some peace of mind.

And in this peace, a silence will follow, and the wonder of knowing without knowing – inner wisdom – and conscious creating desired outcomes for your future can unfold. Because although you are always living in the now with your body, your mind can visualize and feel the future as if it exist.... now.

In our Meditation training we do not only exercise and experience Meditation, to stay in the now; we also pay attention how by Meditation can be your helper and guide to your imagined, invented, created and manifested future. Practicing Meditation is the root for a great mindset. If we just sparked your interest, take action and join our Meditation Training!

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