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What is Mindfulness

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

by Josée Bosman

It is the opposite of minddulness ...

Mindfulness is inspired to Buddhism and is a method to live more in the present and become more aware of your drivers.

It is a method to discover how you, your behavior is influenced by your

  • exterior system - your environment, from your family, friends, teachers, colleagues and actors and news in society - and

  • interior system - your values, beliefs, metaprograms, qualities, bodily feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Every exterior influence that enters your five senses has - conscious or unconscious - an impact on you and can and will impact inner life - feelings, thoughts, emotions - unless you are present and aware in the moment. By being present and aware you have an advantage: you may wonder about the situation, take on a non-judgmental attitude, notice and investigate your inner primary unconsciously driven reaction. By doing so, you discover a lot about yourself and your values, inner metaprogram, believes and qualities. And, you can choose not to react but stay silent or respond very consciously. You'll become the observant of your inner world - you'll be living Mindfully. Ultimately, you are automatically Mindfull mastering your unconscious mind - yet this enlightenment will take most of us many years or decades of practice.

State of mind to set objectives and follow through.

Mindfulness teaches you to get in touch and stay with the here and now. Why is that helpful?

You will experience more balance, inner piece. A Mindful attitude will prevent your from painful reminiscing about the past and worrying about the future. And your acquired awareness will help you to set your objectives, create and follow trough a plan to reach these objectives.

Why? Because you will learn to observe without judgment and with an open mind. In this way you will develop the ability to observe your thoughts and feelings, making conscious what was an unconscious program. You’ll learn to let feelings and thoughts pass by without being attached. You will learn to recognize your drivers behind sabotaging behaviors. Mindfull living reduces stress, improves self love and self confidence, improves concentration and focus. The result is more inner-peace by living Mindfull.

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