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embracing insecurity and change to grow

There is no life without change. Nature is change. All in nature is always changing. Every living being on earth changes each moment. Sea's, rivers, the air, sky, plants, trees change every nanosecond. Your cells change every nanosecond. Life cannot exist without change. Even after death, there is change.

You are changing. Your environment changes. Better embrace change.

So is everything is changing every moment. Why not accept change?

If everything is changing, is there not always a sense, more or less, of uncertainty and insecurity?

If change is the norm, why do we try to keep holding on to what is in a certain moment?

Why not embrace uncertainty and insecurity as the norm and stop worrying?

Why do we try to control our environment?

What if we would surrender to the change, letting go of our will to control?

Would it be possible to accept change, let go of control?

Would it be possible to start working with intention, to create in stead of trying to control?

What would happen if we invest our time, thoughts, feelings to manifest that intention?

What happens when we believe fully in ourselves and intention?

If we would act upon that intention? Like, we want to be healthy? Act and live healthy and have healthy thoughts. We want to have love and peace? Act lovingly and be peaceful, act with (self) compassion. You want to be seen, recognised, respected? Take up your space and at the same time, know and set your boundaries.

Could we flip our energy away from worry, fear of losing something and trying to control?

Could we flip our energy away from trying to create certainty in a specific situation and steer it in the direction of creating confidence and self confidence, believing in our power of intention?

May we change toward and focus on putting our feelings, thoughts, energy, soul into being confident in ourselves and in our good, positive intentions?

Do we allow ourselves to be at the steering wheel? To manifest, create the environment we wish for? To create the you you wish you are and are already deep inside?

What would we need to do just that?

Be present. In the moment. Stop living in the past. Stop living in the future. Be in the now. And set your intentions in the now. Let yourself and the universe know what you want.

Be aware. Of your thoughts. Of your feelings. 95% of your behaviour and thus your outcome in life is defined by your unconscious brain. This brain is not just in your head. It is all over your body. Water contains memory. Your body is made up from mostly water. Some say 65%, others up to 75%. The amount is not important. Every cell in your body comes in contact with water en thus with this memory. Every cells holds the memory of previous experiences. Even the experiences of your parents and grandparents. So every cell contains memory.

Your feelings are steered by your emotional brain, which is accessed by input from the environment before this input can reach your prefrontal cortex, which does de 5% active thinking and which can respond in a conscious way, which prevents quick and dirty or just ineffective reactions from your emotional brain. Your thoughts and feelings are 95% of the time steered by your emotional brain. So, when you are not conscious thinking with your prefrontal cortex, 5% of the time, your unconscious brain does the thinking and feeling for you. And at that moment, you are not conscious and on the steering wheel, as result of which your behaviour is steered by automatic patterns created by past experiences, good or bad, which are engrained into your system. And you are repeating unconscious created intentions, which may not bring your what your consciously wish for.

Unless. Unless you stay aware and notice which thoughts and feelings come up 95% of the time. Which feelings and thoughts pop up when you are triggered or even rush upon you as a storm when you are unconsciously experiencing a big, red flag trigger.

How can you do that? This is what I learned from wise people and exploring my inner self. Just start. Start noticing. Use the 5% consciously. And you will create a conscious change in unconscious patterns. Just listen to yourself and experience the feeling and ask yourself. Why. Why now. Why this way. Is it helpful, in any way, for me and others? Will it help me reach my conscious wishes, intentions, dreams? Will it strengthen the bond with others? If not, ask yourself: Is it true, what I experience, what I think and feel, in this situation? Is it appropriate to feel this way given the situation? Would anybody else react in that way? Spoiler: Probably not. It is not de situation, which is just a fact. It is the way we experience the situation uncounsiously which determines our primary reaction.

Just ask yourself. Why. What. How. Should I react this way, towards myself? Towards another person? Or may I explore what happens before I re-act? May I take 10 our 20 second or longer, just to let the primary emotional reaction fade away, so the input my enter my prefrontal cortex, so I could think about the situation? And create and manifest a more effective response? A helpful response? Am I respons-able? What is my respons-ability?

As soon as we become aware of our unconscious thoughts, feelings, self talk, we embrace change and we embrace uncertainty. We can chose which automatic patterns and responses, elicited to us by thoughts and feelings and expressed in emotion, we want to keep and which we want to let go of and change. Which patterns are just a result of unhappy experiences in the past which you no longer need to hold on to? May we decide for ourselves which patterns we, as a human being, want to keep? Yes! We may let go of the old us which was influenced by our parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, bullies, mental and physical attackers. We may embrace change and uncertainty because that is how life is. That is how our life started. And when we start to open up with and open mind, without worry, without anger, without sadness, without judgement, just neutral listening, we are giving ourself space to become our true self. To own our birthright. To be who we are meant to be, without imprinted fear, worries, pain, anger, sadness. We may even start form scratch again, rewire your brain, your cell memory. We own this to ourselves and the world.

So when we learn to be our authentic selves and are no longer insecure but confident, when we we are present and aware and can listen to humbug in our thoughts and can recognise old ineffective feelings, we can change our responses, and after some while our unconscious patterns and we can set our intentions consciously. From self confidence we start to work with conscious chosen positive intentions and we create the environment we need to manifest those conscious chosen intentions.

Given the situation the world is in today, the by politics and big multinationals and media created polarisation, separation and segregration, while we actually are all one, all connected: I wish all of us the patience with ourselves, our development, and the will and open mind to see how we all, individually, can be the change in the world by starting to look in the mirror and changing our system so we can all be connected again, positively, without force or pressure, from love. And give everybody the freedom to make there own choices in life, to respect mental and physical and environmental autonomy. Because when we are all connected and feel and act from love, we will make this world a better world.

Do you want to embrace change and uncertainty yet need some support? We offer coaching and training to people to support the proces. Just leave us a message and we will get back to you.

In any case: when you start with being present and aware, you are on the path of a researcher, discoverer, explorer, you are embarking on a journey. Make sure you enjoy the journey, set your good intentions and let go of the wish to control the outcome. Follow what presents itself using your well described positive intentions without expecting a certain route or outcome. If the outcome is 'strange' check your unconscious thoughts and feelings: if they are not helping the intention, start thinking and feeling consciously different at that moment. If your feelings and thoughts are in line with your intentions and these intentions fit your authentic self, maybe there is something to learn for you in a 'strange' outcome, maybe there is a plausible reason which you can't see or understand yet. The understanding will come to your later. The proces is different for all of us. It is your proces. Follow and trust the proces.

God speed, live happy and prosper.

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