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Congruent living

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

by Josée Bosman

What is congruent living? Being present, in a true state of awareness, knowing who you are and what you really find important in life. And, living a life that is congruent with who you are: when what you think, feel, say and do are in harmony. This state of integrity creates happiness and inner peace.

Many people live a life that is not congruent with whom they really are and what they find important. They are stuck in a job, situation, life, not being content. Yet they continue with this life. Sometimes because they are not aware why they have that feeling of lack of fulfillment, of not being content. They are ‘just’ tired. Sometimes they stay stuck because they don’t no how to change their life. Or, because they are afraid for the consequences.

Do you feel that there is more in life to discover? That you have qualities and competencies, which you can’t use and develop in your current situation?

You know, you might have made career- or other choices in your past, and yet, living that life, being in that situation doesn’t give enough fulfillment, cost more energy then it brings or doesn’t make you happy. And you may wonder, there should be more to life than this…..

I believe you are meant to be content, energetic and have inner peace. And that all of your talents and qualities are gifts you should explore and develop. And that you have the right to choose to life a live congruent with what is important to you, using your specific talent and qualities in a way that energizes and fulfills you.

What are your top 5 values in life? Do you live congruently? If not, why not? And can you bring all your talents and qualities to life? When you are not happy in your current life, find out what is really important for you, find out what you really like to do and match it with your talents and competencies. Don’t go for less. Make sure you feel ‘being in the right place’, where you can be yourself and live a congruent life, a live life that makes you appreciate yourself, gives you experience of fun and flow on a regularly basis, which you would choose again, without hesitation, if asked! Are you?

If the answer is no on several times, you could say life as it is right now doesn’t fit you. You might even feel you are being driven instead of being the driver, when you feel like a victim of circumstances.

Yet, you are never a victim. If someone else is ‘driving’ your live, it is because you have given that person or organization that power. Don’t let somebody else decide for you what you should find important and how you should live your life. Dear to be authentic, be yourself and to be assertive, say no when you need to. To create a life, job, situation in which you feel fulfilled, energized, content, happy, create flow: in the driver seat. 

It takes courage, to create change, even transform. I am positive that you, when needed guided and supported, have the courage, the potential, this unlimited resource of power. To reclaim your place in the driver seat and choose your path yourself.

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