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Our NLP-Mindfulness method is a tool and ultimately a way of live to stay with the here and now. Why is that helpful? You will learn to observe without judgment and with an open mind. In this way you will develop the ability to observe your thoughts and feelings, making conscious what was an unconscious program. You’ll learn to let feelings and thoughts pass by without being attached.  And in our method, learning Self-Compassion is integrated. As a result, you will experience more balance, inner piece. A Mindful attitude will prevent your from painful reminiscing about the past and worrying about the future. Self-compassion reduces stress, improves self love and self confidence, improves concentration and focus. And your acquired awareness will help you to set your objectives, create and follow trough a plan to reach these objectives.

Using MBSR as a base, we integrate some NLP methods and knowledge to create better results. For our brain and bodily system can be rewired with Mindfulness yet as we all know, the words we hear and tell ourselves - by our inner critic - have a very big influence. So we implement NeuroPsychology concepts and Neuro Linguistic Program methods in our Mindfulness training for more conceptual understanding and to boost rewiring, better integration and longer lasting results. Learning by using all your senses, learning by experiencing, in a safe setting while having fun! 

We have up 40 to 60.000 thoughts going around in our head, a day. That’s 52 thoughts per minute… And all those feelings attached to those thoughts... Are you aware of what’s going on in there? And let’s not forget about the sensory overload of overstimulation most of us experience often… Is it helping you? If not, wouldn't you like to change this process with Mindfulness?

Think it would benefit you to cut yourselve some slack? Searching for a deeper connection with your body, mind and surroundings? I’d say let's start. Join us for our special NLP-Mindfulness training!



The 8-week mindfulness-training has originally been develop by John Kabatt Zinn in 1979, a molecular biologist. He developed Mindfulness Based Stress-Reduction Clinic which is scientifically proven to be very effective in reducing depressed feelings, anxiety and stress and chronic-pain.


As everything in life, everything changes, gets adapted to circumstances, needs, knowledge. So we integrated the lessons learned by Kabatt Zinn with our knowledge of NLP: we do not only offer Mindfulness knowledge and exercises yet we integrate NLP methods that will strengthen your Mindfulness experience and Mindful state, creating a Mindful trait!


During this training you will learn how to focus our attention and develop more resilience, awareness and compassion towards our inner world. This will ultimately lead towards a more balanced mind, decrease of stress and increase of focus and concentration and self confidence. Would you like to learn to become more aware of your inner drivers? Your thoughts, emotions, feelings that influence your well-being and behavior? Would you like to reach a higher level awareness of your boand meditation? This 8-week training will guide you and is a present for your mental state and life.


  1. What is NLP Mindfulness?
    During the first session we will discover the art of being present and awareness, identify your automatic pilot and you will learn what NLP-mindfulness is about, by seeing, hearing and doing. 

  2. Witch hurdles and obstacles am I facing? How can I move forward?
    Identifying and becoming aware of how feelings and thoughts are connected and can impact our daily life, by a mixture of Mindfulness and NLP exercises. Which feelings and believes are holding you back? Which are helping you forward?

  3. Conscious awareness of the breath and body
    In this session, we will learn how to use the breath and body as an anchor for becoming present and aware and expand the perspective of our inner and outside world. Your body is the antenna of your inner life.

  4. Staying present and becoming aware of our thinking & feeling
    During this session, we will focus on the orientation of our negative thinking. We will learn to identify negative thinking, the nature of it. We will identify what drives us, our values and metaprogram and our desires.

  5. Allowing and accepting  - de-t-aching
    Exercises to grow our ability to accept our inner experiences, in order to be able to transform. If your cup is full, how can you transform? 

  6. Thoughts, feelings and brain patterns & living your dream
    This part of the training we will work with the construction of the thought process and your brain pattern,  how handle them and how to re-wire brain patterns to change feelings and thougths to be able to create and manifest your dream.

  7. How can I take care of myself best? Self-Compassion
    Many people fear to set boundaries to others and fear to step out of their circle of comfort, often out of fear to make mistakes. Yet very experience is feedback and feedback is just information. Self Compassion is a wonderful way to grow your emotional resilience and to build to courage to take action.

  8. Use what we have learned - integration exercise
    During this last but not least session we will learn how to use what we have learned to handle future stressful situations. 

Enjoy now our NLP-Mindfullness Training for our introduction price of only 650 for 8 weeks

We work with small groups, minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people per course.