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Most of us are more absorbed with the past and future with no space left for the presence. When you are reading it, there is probably a lot of stuff happening in your mind right now. Flow of different thoughts, regarding your daily schedule, deadlines or even wonder about this whole EQuanimity thing.

Fun fact : according to the latest research we experience more than 6000 thoughts per day from which almost 80 % are negative. We might even think  that our thoughts are harmful. If there is a lack of self-control and awareness of what thoughts go through our head - it may lead to worse well-being.  Now, what if there is a way to gain more control ? 

The results of some studies show that Meditation reduce the amount confused and negative thinking. Practicing meditation cause a positive impact across mental and physical health.  It improves functionality and structure of neural brain network which can boost introspection, memory, empathy, attention, and focus. Do you want to learn more about Meditation, check our blog! 




Have you ever thought about trying meditation but didn't know from where to start with ?
Do you have a tendency to overthink?
Focusing for a long time is almost impossible?
Want to have a joy from each moment of your life?

Let's change that !

Our unique approach to meditation takes the experience to completely different level. Different tools and unique techniques for maintaining your presence and achieving a deep state of calmness.  Each time we will work on your focus, awareness and progress.
Try it out and sing up for your class today! 
You are also welcome to join an introduction class.