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Emotional Intelligence Training

Do you sabotage involuntarily your plans?

Don’t study in time for an exam while you know you should?

React in the same ineffective way to your spouse, kids or co-worker while you know it doesn’t work and you actually wanted to respond in a different way?

Feeling stuck, or even nowhere in the process of desired change?


Do you know that whenever you take a decision, your unconscious emotional experiences and state play a very big role in what you decide?


Your emotional intelligence is very important for your well-being and success in life. Your emotions play a very big factor in your decision making process. Your are 90-95% of the time guided by your unconscious brain, in which the 'emotional brain' is a big factor. If you are not aware of this, you are not really in charge and chances are that you'll have difficulties moving forward in some aspects of your life. It might lead to unconsciously always making the same sort of decisions or sabotage your brave decisions to new paths. Knowing how unconscious emotions impact your decision making process and how you can self manage and regulate this is key to overall well-being and better performance in work.  

The better your awareness for your inner drivers and emotion regulation management, the more balance, energy and  intrisinic motivation you will have to make positive change, leading to better connection with others, better relationships and greater influence in situations at work and in at home in a positive way.  

If you want to know how you can improve your decision making process and regulate your emotions in a more effective way, a course in improving your Emotional Intelligence is perfect for you. And we have created a program which helps you to do just that! 


Emotional Intelligence - measured with EQ - can be trained. This training will help you to uncover the process which is holding you back from a better performance and a happier, more fulfilling life. It will help you to rewire your brain, your systems in order that 'alls systems are go" in the way you want it!

More info on the subject Emotional Intelligence you can read in our blog here: 




In this introduction course in 4 days you will learn:

1. What is emotional intelligence; theory and first practise

2. Theory and exploring exercises to improve EI self knowledge & self regulation

3. Theory and exploring exercises to improve EI self regulation & self motivation

4. Theory and exploring exercises to improve EI at relationship level: empathy &

    dealing with emotions of other people in an effective way. 

  • We work with an interactive, integrative method: no long listening periods. Because we all learn best when we feel involved and integrate what we learn right away.

  • We value privacy and a save environment; we will always make sure you feel physically and mentally save.

Benefits you will experience after the introduction training:

  • You will recognise your triggers, reasons you repeat not effective reactions

  • You will have a better understanding of your triggers

  • You will have knowledge about

    • how to handle your triggers

    •  how to choose to feel and think different

    • how to influence your behaviour and response

    • to consciously influence the relationship with others positively

  • You will feel more in charge and your confidence will grow

  • You will feel stronger and experience more equanimity

  • Your performance will be better, which will positively impact your study/work/life

  • You will experience more joy and this will have a positive impact on others

  • In short: good, quick and long lasting results