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It is important for us that our classes and trainings are conducted in safe and healthy environment. The measures which we take under our consideration can be found below. Please follow and respect those safety rules.


  • You must  book in advance a spot in class (You can use our booking system or contact us via email/phone call to secure your spot) If you cannot show up at the class, please cancel your booking at least 24 hours before

  • On arrival you will be asked if you have any recent health problems which might be related to Corona. If this is the case, unfortunately you can't participate in the class

  • We provide the disinfecting handgel at the entrance of the Gallery. Please use this when entering

  • We ask you to keep 1,5 meters distance or wear the mouth cap in the gallery.  However, we do not recommend the use of face masks during the class.

  • The Gallery is aired and ventilated as much as possible. We use the Air Quality Detector.

  • The classes are conducted in small groups ( max. 4-8 people) 


  • Everyone must bring his/her own Yoga mat. In case if that is impossible, we provide a Yoga mats at the gallery. The only condition is to have your own towel / blanket which you can put on top. As long as there is no physical contact with the mat, use is allowed.

  • Bring your comfortable clothes

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