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Welcome Career-professional, want to give your career a boost? Improve your performance and work/life balance? Or do you want to improve soft skills to improve your presentations, your relationships or coalitions and network?


We offer you our full attention an open mind, combining proven effective methods to identify your wishes, needs and goals. We look beyond the short term goals at your long time aspirations and essence. We will assist you in your process of identifying your most beneficial outcomes for work and life and setting up your plan how to reach these. Making the unconscious process conscious to improve your life. Because, life is more than work. Yet most of us work 8 hours a day, and enjoying work while you're at it keeps us happier and healthier and improves performance in all fields of life. 

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Mindful living means staying aware, being in the present. This is helpful to stay grounded and not get influenced by negative of fearfull messages from others or your inner critic - your unconscious mind. It also prevents ongoing unproductive worrying about past events or the possible future. It is good to identify ‘mistakes’ you made or hurdles to come: yet you don’t want to get carried away with it. With mindfulness as a base we will set-up a reflect-, re-energize and recreate plan with you if you're struggling with negative thoughts and feelings, feeling down, burn-out symptoms, stress and anxiety related symptoms or fatigue. To improve relaxation, energy, focus and memory, mindfulness has proven to be very beneficial.

Why would you choose our Mindfulness coaching? Not only you get the one-on-one opportunity to share in a safe setting your thoughts and feelings about obstacles in your life and learn helpful exercises; you will also learn the science behind mindfulness and mindful living. We believe, to really grasp this proven method and integrate it as a way of living, you need to understand, see, hear and experience it. This is not a trick. By experiencing it daily you will rewire your brain. You will learn to take care of yourself better, by creating different thoughts and feelings about self and others. You will be able to identify when someone is trying to manipulate you. You will learn to say no in a friendly way. You will feel more confident. The exercises will help you become more balanced and calm to help you to cope with everyday challenges in a better way.

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Find that place inside yourself where everything is possible! But how?


Improving Emotional Intelligence has scientifically been proven the best results in personal development. And it is an excellent method to deal with insecurity like we experience now due to the coronavirus and the coronameasures. 


Other than Intellectual Intelligence - measured by IQ - Emotional Intelligence - measured by EQ - can be trained. And, it has been proven that people with a higher EQ - given the same education or even with lower education - are more successful. Because they (often unconsciously) understand how to connect, make rapport and influence individual people and teams in a successful way. 


Well understood and implemented, a higher Emotional Intelligence is the gateway to more self- and mutual understanding, more empathy, better rapport, and - scientific proven - better performance and financial results!


EQ is about self awareness, self management, intrinsic motivation, empathic capabilities, relationship management, social environment management. 

Taking up Emotional Intelligence coaching is a gift to yourself and your environment. 


We can start the coaching process from any motive or cause you may think of: We work(ed) with subjects as entrepreneurial challenges, assertiveness, career development, soft skills, work/life balance, social intelligence, health improvement.


The approach is integrative, all-encompassing, so transformation due to grown Emotional Intelligence is also very helpful to improve private relationships and health and wellbeing, e.g. when you are low in energy, have overstrained yourself or are in a burn-out.


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We love to tell you more about our programs and way of working and are happy to answer your questions.  


Rates coaching individuals: € 90 per 60 min, € 120 per 90 minutes,

including VAT for private individuals, excluding VAT for companies.


Rates Team coaching: € 120 per 60 min, € 150 per 90 minutes,

excluding VAT for companies.

Special programs for individuals and teams may be arranged, please contact us for more information and consultation.

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